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BoyRio splashes in 2013

BoyRio splashes in 2013


Vintage Copacabana Swimsuit Season- boyRio

Vintage Copacabana Swimsuit Season- boyRio

Vintage Copacabana Swimsuit Season- boyRio


BoyRio gets wet for swimseason

BoyRio gets wet for swimseason


Sergi wears boyRio swim sunga


Love this shot of Sergi Constance done yesterday in San Diego, CA. courtesy of Serg Studios-Smith

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BoyRio showcases underwear line during Miami Fashion Week 2011

Desinged after the classic "sunga' Brazilian swimsuit

Runway with boyRio 2010 swimear

Working the runway in Miami with boyRio

Steel grey with red side stripes- a cool look for a hot 2012 with boyRio

Rocking the new 2012 swimwear collection in Miami