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BoyRio splashes in 2013

BoyRio splashes in 2013

Steel grey with red side stripes- a cool look for a hot 2012 with boyRio

Rocking the new 2012 swimwear collection in Miami

boyRio splashing into 2012 with Azur Praia in yellow and grey

Splash into 2012 with boyRio

Rocking it in boyRio new design color for classic Azur Prais swimsuit

Brazilian green makes a splash with “Davi” swimsuit by boyRio!

Brazilian green makes a splash with the “Davi” swimsuit by boyRio.

boyRio extended version of photoshoot with Justino

Retro boyRio style comes alive with photography by Bryce Fisher

boyRio goes retro

Low cut “Julian” boyRio swimwear- photographed by Osvaldo Rivera